Travel Sizes of Your Favorite Products vs. Refillable Containers: Which to Use on Your Next Trip

Most of your favorite personal products usually do not come in convenient travel sizes. This can make traveling with these items quite hard due to bulkiness. Fortunately, you can use refillable containers to ease your load.

Not only are they convenient, but there are also environmentally friendly options. Here are some travel-size refillable containers you can use on your next trip. You can also use a Target promo code to get these items at more affordable prices.

60-Pack Refillable Containers By Bright Creations

This is a set of 60 plastic containers that are refillable and multi-purpose. They have an air-tight seal that prevents leaks. They are easy to clean and dry, making them convenient to use multiple times. They are ideal for storing your lotions, powders, and lip balms when traveling. They also have sticker labels and are small enough to fit in your purse.

25-Pack Travel-Size Bottles By Okuna Outpost

For your next trip, these refillable containers are perfect for you. It comes in a set of 25 squeeze bottles, each with a capacity of 2 ounces. They are ideal for storing your personal products when traveling.

They can also hold your cosmetics and perfume. These containers have a flip cap that ensures easy storage in your purse, bag, suitcase, or backpack. Also, the tight seal on the squeeze bottles ensures no leakage of the content.

Six-Piece Travel Kit By Design

Whether or not you are traveling cross-country or flying abroad, this six-piece travel kit helps you secure your favorite travel essentials. It comes with two transparent bottles and three transparent jars. Also part of the kit is a clear pouch with a seal to keep everything secure and safe.

The kit’s bottles and jars are compact-sized for convenience. It is especially true if you are passing through airport security. The containers are perfect for storing your facial cleanser, shampoo, and other liquids.

Three-Pack Refillable Toiletry Container By Humangear GoToob+

This three-piece refillable container set is quite innovative. The containers are made of soft, squeezable silicone materials. These containers are the perfect alternative to conventional plastic bottles that can be hard to use and messy.

They come with a flat area on the bottom that facilitates hands-free refilling. It also has a large opening that allows easy cleaning and filling. These containers use LoopLock technology, making them more resilient to accidental opening and leakage.

Silicone Travel Bottles By CALA

These silicone travel bottles are innovatively made for convenience. You can carry your favorite hygiene products in these lightweight containers. They are well-sized for traveling and have TSAapproval. It means you can store your products such as bath soap or shampoo in these containers on any flight.


Since most of your favorite personal products do not come in travel-ready packaging, refillable containers offer a perfect solution. The containers are not bulky, and you can reuse them several times. They are leak-resistant, lightweight, and compact-sized. They will surely ease the load on your next trip.