Marantz SR7007 Home Theater AV Receiver Review

Marantz has a long history of producing electronic media equipment from its inception in the 1950’s. One of their most current products is the Marantz SR7007 Home Theater AV Receiver, currently receiving a lot of attention among many in the media market for its capabilities and features. And while information about this product does appear very little, we were able to

research and organize a proper review that will give you sound and unbiased information about how this product lives up to the expectations that it brings. First, the Marantz SR7007 Home Theater AV Receiver is said to be well-known for its simplicity and elegance. The multi-channel receiver allows you to have a full home theater experience by properly distributing the video and audio through a centralized control device. This means that you can watch your favourite movies through your big-screen television and have the 7.2 digital sound come out of your speaker system. Additionally, its online network connection allows you to stream your favourite online content through your home entertainment system. In the following paragraphs, we will discuss each aspect of the device and see if it provides the kind of quality it says it does.

Input and Output

The Marantz SR7007 Home Theater AV Receiver has the following list of ports for various connections:•    Seven HDMI input ports, three output ports•    Three Component Video input ports, one output port•    Four Composite Video input ports, two output ports•    Six Analog Audio

input ports, one output port•    Two Digital Audio Coaxial input ports•    Two Digital Audio Optical input ports•    One RJ45 Ethernet port•    One USB portIt is interesting to note that the receiver does not have any S-Video ports, which may be a disadvantage if you have that kind of connection. However, the S-Video connection is rarely used today, most opting for HDMI for better image resolution.

Audio and Video Quality

The Marantz SR7007 Home Theater AV Receiver comes with a built-in 3D pass-through video technology, 4K video capability and the Audyssey MultEQ XT audio technology that allows you to optimize your movie watching experience. The 3D pass-through technology and 4K video capability means that you can watch your 3D shows through your high definition television.It also enhances picture resolution, allowing you to get the same image quality if you play the movie on a projector or large display. This however, is dependent on whether the projector or display is compatible with the receiver. For the sound, the Audyssey MultEQ XT technology equalizes the audio input and distributes it properly through the speakers for a clear and balanced surround sound.

Bluetooth and Ethernet Capability

What separates the Marantz SR7007 Home Theater AV Receiver from other devices of its kind is its Bluetooth capability, which allows you to connect your Bluetooth devices to the receiver. This means that you can stream music from your mobile devices through your speaker system or subwoofers. The RJ45 Ethernet port allows you to connect the AV receiver online, giving you the ability to stream online content through your big screen television.

Additional Features

Aside from the features that are presented above, the Marantz SR7007 Receiver also possesses several other classy features such as an intuitive interface that includes the smart “Setup Assistant” and Smartphone Apps, a remote app that allows you to control the receiver from your smart phone or tablet, built-in Airplay that lets you stream from multiple internet radio stations, and several other audio functions that offer you control over your watching experience.


No product is perfect, and thus the Marantz does have its own disadvantage. It is expensive, unless you are really willing to use all its features. If you’re someone who’s pleased with simple viewing, this receiver may not appeal to you. Regarding its performance, there have been very minimal incidents of the device not working properly,  and those noted were most of the time being caused by user error. There is no doubt that an AV receiver is a cool thing to have. However there are several services as well that you may use to make your experience more fun such as one of the best iptv for firestick 2022 UK.